Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Project
University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine

Pap Registry Reminder Card

Pap Reminder Card Outside

Pap Reminder Card Inside

Patients took pap test last year and had signed up for the Pap Registry Reminder System with their doctors will receive this colorful reminder from the Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Project at UCSF.

Once received, they can bring this card to their doctors, who participated for signature and verification, will receive $5.00 from us.  After the doctor signs, fold this side out so that personal information is concealed and send us the card which is already pre-addressed and stamped.

If patient who registered lost this card or never received it, please ask your doctor to sign on his/her business card the date of the pap test (with patient's name and birthdate) and send to us at:

 Suc Khoe Lang Vang!
 44 Page Street, Suite 500
 San Francisco, CA 94102